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Due to the current security issues, we are working on a revolutionary new way to transfer our data quick an save.

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Scotch Naturals - Commercial - (Intro: 50 million particles)

 by Picture Front (

The particle effect:
3ds Max, fumefx and krakatoa are a great combination to generate astonishing particle effects. First step in the workflow use to be the fumefx simulation. The generated caches have to be converted to particles by pflow, the particle system in 3ds max. Krakatoa can handle and render billions of particles if you use the partitioning function. In the opener shot we counted up to 50 million particles. In other projects we cranked it up to about 300 million in one render pass. The amount of disc space needed for the partitions is huge but worth the effort.

3D Software: Autodesk 3ds Max, SitniSati Fumefx, Thinkbox Krakatoa,

2D Software: Adobe AfterEffects, Revision Reelsmart mb, Frischluft Lenscare, RedGiant Looks & Colorista

client: - Beauty-Section: Scotch Naturals…

selcuk torun -

Picture Front
Visual Effects Studio (Hamburg and Munich)…

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48 Volt Bordnetz / 48 Volt electrical system (AUDI A7)

3D Animation by Picture Front - Have a look!

Tool: Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe After Effects und Madcar.

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Character Animation: Little Robot - Have a look!
film for internal communication / AUDI

done with: autodesk 3ds max, cat, adobe after effects, frischluft, real smart

3D & CGI: Picture Front
Agentur: Herrwerth + Partner Marketing AG
Produktion: Wolff Brothers GmbH - Design und
Postproduction: Pixelbutik, Deli Pictures, Picture Front
Sound: Deli Sounds
Regie: Michael Reissinger

Picture Front - 3D Animation & Visual Effects - Munich & Hamburg

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Next Award for “The first mark”- Congratulations to all involved!

—- intermedia-globe-Gold - WorldMediaFestival —-

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Nice one. 250.000.000 particles animated Mandelbulb!

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inspires you to travel. :)


by Rick Mereki

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Good Morning! Jam?
A little RealFlow-Test.

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